Cp28 Pheromone 3mo


Cp28 Pheromone 3mo

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Product description

CP28 Pheromone Cologne Human

Pheromones Attractant Boost Your Attraction To the Opposite Sex


  • Powerful Pheromone Attractant
  • Mix with your favorite Cologne or Perfume
  • Instant and Lasting Results
  • Increased Sexual Attraction

Cp28 Pheromone Cologne ignites primal sexual desires in people. Within minutes of exposure, it makes contact with the receptor cells in a person’s olfactory center and begins to have its effect almost immediately. Anyone exposed to Pheromone Cologne is “powerless to resist the impulse for sexual contact.” For men and women everywhere, nothing is easier to use than CP-28! Anyone can use it – regardless of how they look or their age.

Cp28 Pheromone Cologne is instantly activated by your own body heat and metabolism. There’s no need to do anything but apply a drop or two according to instructions and reap the benefits – the rest is automatic! The clear, unscented liquid can be used alone or mixed with your favorite aftershave, perfume or lotion.

Ingredients: Synthetic human pheromones, ectohormones, alcohol, water, allantoin, octocylene, lecithin.

**Daily Value Not Established**
Recommended Use: Add an ounce of CP 28 to four to six ounces of your favorite cologne and apply as usual. Or apply a few drops of CP 28 to your wrists or behind the neck. Reapply every four hours


Do not use any products before you Consult your health care practitioner or If you are taking a prescription drug. If you observe adverse reactions, discontinue
use and consult your doctor immediately. Use Daily for Best results